Four-Weeks Gratitude Challenge: Are You In?

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. — Willie Nelson

Gratitude is very powerful. When we are in this state our energy shifts immediately and our attitude changes completely. The easiest strategy to integrate it more into our lives is by keeping a Gratitude Journal, where we list everyday three things we feel grateful for. In case you want to have more details about it, have a look at Being Grateful: The Most Important Lesson.

Sometimes it can be hard to create a new habit. So why don’t we just do it together? 🙂

With this post I would like to invite you to a Gratitude Challenge 🙂

For four weeks, from 26.11 until 23.12 let’s commit to writing together our Gratitude Journals 🙂

The rules are the following:

1) Each evening you will think about what happened during the day and find three things you are grateful for. Then you will share them in the (closed) Facebook Group 🙂

2) Be creative! 🙂 Pick different things everyday 🙂

3) Judgmental or critical comments are not allowed. Let’s create a space filled with inspiring energy to support each other 🙂

Are you up for the Gratitude Challenge? 😉 Yes? Then join the Facebook Group 4-Weeks Gratitude Challenge  🙂


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