Energy: Where Does It Come From?

The most important thing in life is your inner energy. If you’re always tired and never enthused, then life is no fun. But if you’re always inspired and filled with energy, then every minute of every day is an exciting experience. — Michael Singer

What is the most important factor that determines the quality of our life? Some of you might think it is health, some others wealth or even relationships. These are all very important, but above all is our energy 🙂 In other words, when we do not feel good inside, we cannot really appreciate the abundance that surrounds us, because we do not allow it to reach our heart.

Where does energy come from?

Most people live their life without realizing that there is an internal source always available, a nourishing stream that runs through us 🙂 In different traditions it is called with different names like Shakti, Qi, Prana or Spirit. The well-known author Eckart Tolle refers to it as inner body. I will call it inner energy.

Are you wondering what I am talking about? 🙂 To have a glimpse of it, close your eyes and hold your hands up, without moving them. How do you know that your hands are there? The tingling that you feel is the inner energy 🙂 When your heart is completely open to receive it, it can be much more intense and be felt in the entire body 🙂 You might have experienced something similar when you were in awe of nature 🙂

Even though being in contact with inner energy is our natural state, very often we lose touch with it. In fact, over the years all our unresolved emotions pile up blocking this stream. As a consequence we do not appreciate life anymore and start living in darkness,  becoming more depressed or anxious. How can we release these stored emotions and open our heart to inner energy? If you are interested, you can find the answer in Moving From the Head to the Heart: Let Emotional Energy Flow and How to Release Your Emotional Baggage? Feel Your Feelings in the Body 🙂

The only thing you have to know is that opening allows energy in, and closing blocks it out. Now you have to decide whether or not you want this energy. How high do you want to get? How much love do you want to feel? How much enthusiasm do you want to have for the things you do? — Michael Singer

This unlimited inner flow is the primary source of our energy, but it is not the only factor influencing our energy level. This is particularly true when our heart is not completely open, yet. In fact, what makes a lot of difference are also our surroundings. Since we are all connected, our energy is going to influence and be influenced by those around us.

For example, have you ever met someone so genuinely bright that just by being in their presence you felt uplifted? 🙂 Or maybe you have experienced being in the vicinity of someone extremely negative, and after a while you felt drained, more anxious or depressed. In both cases, very likely you exchanged energy with these people, most probably at an unconscious level.

Since your energy contributes to your surroundings, it is always important to be aware of your emotions. For example, every time you feel fear or anger, this is what you are going to add more of into the world, especially if you also act on it. This is a big risk nowadays with what is going on in the planet. Even if we want to save it from destruction, when our actions are motivated by rage, very likely we will not solve the situation. Instead, we will end up adding more to what Eckart Tolle calls collective unconsciousness.

Whatever state of consciousness you are in has an effect on the totality of human consciousness. You cannot not affect others by your state of consciousness. – Eckhart Tolle

So before taking action, it is extremely important to pause and be very well aware of the force driving you. Why are you acting? Out of Love or Fear? This is a very important topic discussed in detail in The Power of Intention.

Since our energy is so important, keeping it high is vital. How can we do it?
In 8 Ways to Uplift Your Energy you can find some ideas 🙂

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