How to Find Balance Between Making Things Happen and Allowing Them to Unfold?

The balance between intention and surrender is a delicate one. Intention is getting clear on what we want and surrender is trusting in the best outcome. On the one hand, if you over intend, you’re trying to make things happen; on the other, if you over surrender, then you’re lazy, lethargic, and you’ll make a minimal effort. It’s a bit of a razor’s edge, which is why I think we have to lay down the very thing we’ve used our whole life to get what we want, for something greater to occur. – Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this blog and more generally in the spiritual community we hear often that it is important to surrender to what is and let things happen. This is quite the opposite of what society teaches us. In fact, since a very young age we learn that nothing worthy will to come to us easily and that we always need to strive to reach our goals.
Where lies the truth? Does surrender mean that we become passive and do not take any action while we wait for things to happen?

Of course not! 😉 What is required from us is, first, to do the best we can and then, to surrender the outcome 🙂

For example let’s say that you really want a job, a relationship or maybe to start a business. Then, to reach your goal, you do everything you can to be prepared. For example you can study what is needed or try to connect with the right people. Then you release all your expectations about the outcome 🙂

Let’s be clear, surrendering the result is not at all easy! 😉 In fact, when we invest so much energy into something, we tend to be very attached to a specific outcome. In other words we want it to be only the way we planned it! As a consequence our focus gets very narrow and it prevents us to see all the possibilities emerging around us. When we release our expectations, instead, we open our minds and allow things to unfold. This way we are able to stay alert and recognize when an opportunity arises 🙂 Eventually, we might even end up with something better than what we had previously planned 😉

In this short video Oprah Winfrey explains how to find balance between making things happen and allowing them to unfold 🙂

Do you have a goal? 🙂 Take all the actions that are needed to be prepared, but do not forget to remain open as well. This way you will be able to both recognize an opportunity when it will arise in your life and be ready to seize it 😉

The more you go with the flow of life and surrender the outcome to God, and the less you seek constant clarity, the more you will find that fabulous things start to show up in your life. ― Mandy Hale

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16 thoughts on “How to Find Balance Between Making Things Happen and Allowing Them to Unfold?

  1. Imageraza

    Very inspiring once again, Giulia! 🙂

    When I´m really into achieving or creating something I often have a hard time to find a point when it´s enough. Even though the result is already fine,
    my mind just wants to remain busy.

    Either I don´t have any motivation to do something,
    or I become literally obsessed with what I´m doing.

    So do you force youself to surrender when the time has come
    or is it more like intuition?


    1. Thank you so much Chris! 🙂
      I also would tend to obsess about something and constantly think about it, so I perfectly understand what you mean 😉 I do not like very much the word “force”, I would better use “choose”. When you know that you have done the best you could, you let it go, because you recognize that what’s left is not under your control. At the beginning it is not easy to do, but, like meditation, it’s a training 🙂 Every time that you recognize that you are obsessing you surrender it another time. Little by little it becomes easier 🙂


  2. This beautiful reminder of the personal nature of our own inner spiritual journey. The razor’s edge is so very real and we can really master the way it impacts our experience of energy and flow. Thank you for writing!


  3. Cloe Provost

    I loved this post! My favorite Oprah quote is, “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” It so true! I have recently realized manifestation is really as easy or effortless as we believe it to be and assissted by daily actions and affirmations.


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